A fine violin by Daniel Cloutier

A fine violin by Daniel Cloutier, dated from 2018. The top plate, backplate, internal blocks, and bass-bar were machine carved with a tolerance of 0.0005” from the original 1730 “Kreisler” Guarneri del Gesù that is currently owned by the Library of Congress. This instrument has a custom rib height of 29-31mm, a unique hand rubbed and antiqued combination spirit and oil varnish, and a new scroll. The back plate, scroll, and ribs are figured European Maple, with the neck boasting a wider flame than the matching back and ribs, while the top plate is old growth Engelmann Spruce. The pegs and tailpiece are made from centuries old Mountain Mahogany in the style of Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume’s carved fittings found on Antonio Stradivari’s 1721 “Lady Blunt” violin. The internal blocks are mortised and made of old growth Sitka Spruce.