Since 2016, the Hellweg & Cloutier firm has done more than refine an old tradition: We've begun a new one.

Guided by traditional luthier training, and the combined in house experience of over 100 years, we fuse science and cutting edge manufacturing technology to create new and exquisite replicas of historical musical instruments and fittings.

To achieve the optimal sound and performance from our instruments, we carefully select the finest old growth, aged, and ancient woods (in some cases, pre-dating the oldest cave paintings). Each replica is carved with an average maximum accuracy deviation of 0.002” from the original instruments.

Due to the extreme accuracy of the machining process (down to the inside blocks, graduations, bass bars, and chisel marks of the instrument being replicated), we love to imbue instruments with a story of their own, by providing a hand rubbed, new or antiqued finish, utilizing the original varnish recipes of ancient Cremona.

We strive to produce for you a masterpiece in the sound, look, and feel of every instrument.

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