Fleur de Lis Carved Violin Tailpiece in Mountain Mahogany

At Hellweg & Cloutier, we're pushing the boundaries of the centuries-old art of luthiery. Our latest creation? A custom tailpiece we call the "Fleur de Lis." Carved here in Mountain Mahogany, a slow-growing wood native to the United States, it's more than a work of art - it's a piece of history. Our goal? To enhance the resonant beauty of this Stradivari-inspired cornerless violin with a tailpiece that embodies the instrument’s own grandeur and elegance.

The "Fleur de Lis," with its lily design paying tribute to French artistry, takes shape under skilled hands. Once afixed onto the waiting violin, the instrument undergoes a profound transformation. The dense russet-hued wood, finding a new purpose, influences each note the violin plays, creating a rich sonic landscape. At Hellweg & Cloutier, we're not just crafting instruments; we're giving age-old wood a voice, turning history into harmony.