Mountain Mahogany "La Pucelle" tailpiece on a Hellweg & Cloutier replica "Betts" violin

Unlike the majority of soft and cheaper woods used in fitting sets sold en masse, Mountain Mahogany is a superior fitting wood in every way. It is harder than boxwood and Gaboon ebony, creating a beautiful resonance on any instrument on which it is adorned, and has no known allergens or toxins such as those found in the vast majority of chemically treated woods. Mountain Mahogany also has a natural warm brown appearance that resembles historic W. E. Hill & Sons boxwood fittings, but does not require the use of chemical fuming, horse urine, or toxic chemical stains or dies. On an instrument that survives for centuries, your fittings can now last for generations to come.

On rare occasion, Mountain Mahogany can also exhibit a special, extra dense dark black appearance, almost resembling solid black ebony. The Mountain Mahogany used in this replica "La Pucelle" tailpiece shows a small amount of this natural ebony appearance, making this a particularly unique example of the wood.