Swartzia cubensis. Janka Hardness: 16,260 N

With a hardness measurement of over 16,000 Newtons, Katalox is one of the top ten hardest commercially sold woods on earth. The Katalox tree grows natively in Central America and northern South America, where over the course of 60 to 200 years it matures to heights as tall as 130 feet. Commonly referred to as “Royal Mexican Ebony, ” fresh cut Katalox wood has a slight purple color that darkens to a solid black within a week when exposed to light and oxygen. Given the Katalox’s beautifully dark heartwood and its remarkable density, many people have grown to appreciate the wood as an ethically-sourced alternative to endangered Ebony woods.

Uses: Tailpiecs, Pegs, Chinrests, Endpin, Fingerboards, Saddles, Nuts