Reclaimed Honduran Rosewood

Dalbergia stevensonii. Janka Hardness: 9,790 N

Honduras rosewood, is a medium-sized tree found in broadleaf evergreen swamp forests of Belize, Guatemala and Mexico, typically along rivers. It is scarce. Current threats to the species include continued timber exploitation and habitat loss due to agricultural expansion, pollution, road construction, and urbanization.

Honduras rosewood is very dense and durable, and a valuable timber (as are other Dalbergia timbers). It is used for fingerboards of acoustic instruments, harp bodies and other musical instruments, sculptures, furniture, cutlery handles, brush backs, and decorative veneer.

D. stevensonii is protected from harvest by logging bans in both Mexico and Belize.

Hellweg & Cloutier, reclaimed 2 large Honduras Rosewood trees that had grown in Florida and were headed to the landfill in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian in 2022.

Uses: Backs, Ribs, Pegs, Tailpieces, Fingerboards