Single Hill Model Violin Peg in Mountain Mahogany

At Hellweg & Cloutier, we understand the importance of materials and craftsmanship. Our focus is not merely on aesthetics, but on creating products that withstand the test of time.

We sometimes receive inquiries regarding the addition of accents made from other materials to our tuning pegs. After decades of experience with accents, we’ve opted to design our pegs without them. While accents can add a certain flair to an instrument, these superfluous additions always become loose or break from constant use and sweat, leading to unnecessary hassle for musicians and frequent replacements. Instead, we integrate the accents into the pegs themselves. This approach allows us to create pegs with the thinnest possible profiles without sacrificing strength and durability.

This video features our Hill model violin peg crafted in Mountain Mahogany. For those seeking customization, our website offers a variety of options in terms of styles, sizes, and wood selections. Our aim is to provide durable, functional, and precise products that meet a musician’s unique needs.