Tailpiece - P3 Woven - Violin (109mm) - Mountain Mahogany

Crafted from the heartwood of the Mountain Mahogany, a species native to North America. This supreme wood, known for its unique density and hardness, provides the ideal hardness-to-weight ratio, ensuring perfect vibration transmission from the strings to the body of the violin, refining the violin’s sound, and contributing significantly to the violin’s acoustic performance. An instrument’s tailpiece can be more then just an accessory, it can be a symbol of resilience and beauty.

This new woven design, coupled with the inherent reddish brown color of the wood, imbues the tailpiece with both form and function. It is an exemplar of how the right materials, when married with skilled craftsmanship, can make a world of difference in the quest for the perfect look and sound, making the violin not just an instrument, but a symphony of nature’s gifts and human ingenuity.